Görkem Plastics Services was established in 2012 in Aksu-Antalya to produce plastic transport and storage cases in order to serve in the food sector. Since it is able to maintain the principle of quality production and quality product variety, it continues to serve to its' country with a great effort. With various plastic products, Görkem Plastics has managed to become the leading company in the sector as a result of serious enterprises and production of food, industry, agriculture, and farming in Turkey.

One of the most important features that distinguishes our company from other companies, which keeps high quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront with its wide product range, is that it responds quickly and effectively to customer demands.


Fatih Mahallesi , Isparta Caddesi
No :111/1 Aksu/ANTALYA

+90 242 434 36 81 - info@gorkemtarim.com.tr

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